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Ninjutsu, you don’t have to be a turtle to do it.
June 5, 2015

Break out of your shell this Summer!  Sukha Spa is excited to offer physical training at our new ‘Tree’ outdoor studio.  First session is free so come try it out!

The silent art of stealth, Ninjutsu!  Bujinkan budo ninpo taijutsu is one of the last uninterrupted lines of traditional Ninjutsu in the world.  The training is suitable for all ages and can help greatly with conditions such as; poor circulation, inflexibility of joints, short concentration spans, weak self discipline, and all around heath and fitness.  Our Sensei, Geoff R. Maile has been a certified black belt and instructor since 2003, having received his teaching license in Japan.  Class is Thursdays at 4:15-5:30pm and 6:15-7:30pm.  For info 416-207-9100.

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  1. Now that you are many years down the road and discovered more in your trniinag what are some lessons that have been discovered that may have been missing in your earlier years?

    1. I have found that sharing what I have learnt with others via teaching, helps me in turn to further understand the arts I study. The time you put into your training and teaching will slowly change you into a different person, with a wider understanding of life, in a way you had not forseen.