Bujinkan-Koto Ryu-Shodan level-Kata Maki

In the Shodan level of this Koto Ryu technique, called ‘Kata Maki’, or ‘one side coil’.  An unarmed ‘Uke’ or attacker faces off against Tori (person demonstrating the technique).  Uke and Tori are in the posture ‘Ichimonji no kamae’, left foot forward.

Uke takes a right step and strikes at Tori’s head.  Tori steps diagonally back and to the right and delivers ‘hidari Jodan uke’ parry while keeping in contact with Uke’s right arm.  Uke then strikes again on the other side.  Tori again steps back, this time diagonally to the left, and performs ‘migi Jodan uke’, keeping in contact with Uke’s attacking arm.  Tori, turning a right thumb down performs ‘Musha Dori’ on Uke’s left arm ‘coiling it’ and unweights Uke, following up with a ‘Boshi Ken’ thumb strike to Uke’s right pectoral muscle, driving Uke to the ground.

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