Bujinkan-Kukishin School Rokushaku Bojutsu-Okuden level-Ihen Kakugi

This Bujinkan technique is from the Kukishin ryu (or school).  Kukishin ryu has many weapons and kata to help a student get the feel for the body movement specific to the school, which can, in turn, help with unarmed Kukishin and Kukishinden techniques as well.

In this technique, called ‘Ihen Kakugi’, a sword wielding ‘uke’ or attacker faces off against a bo staff.  Tori is in the posture ‘Ihen no kamae’, left foot forward.  This posture, the 3rd of 10, features the bo guarding the left knee, and the right side of the head.  Its a forward weighted stance that can be used to deliver flurries of strikes.  The bo is held in ‘thirds’.

Releasing the left hand off the bo, tori spins the bo, bottom up, backwards over his head, 450 degrees, the left hand re-grasping the bo at the other end as the bo becomes horizontal, right leg stepping forward to deliver ‘Hane Age’ (diagonal rising strike) with ‘Furi’ (baseball bat grip)  under opponent’s left forearm.  This forces uke to retreat to the ‘daijodan’ sword posture.

Tori switch-steps back with right foot, while sliding the bo back with the left hand, through a loose right hand, until the right comes to grip the other end of the bo, and  steps forward with left foot and deliver a ‘Yoko Men Uchi’ strike to the right temple.  Uke lowers the sword to block the obvious swing.  Tori then changes the right hand grip from palm up to (bicycle grip) palm down, shifts back with right ‘Ichimonji’ footwork to deliver a left side ‘Tsuki’ (thrust).

Tori sweeps back with left leg, while pulling the Bo around the left side of the body, behind the back.  Tori then pulls the Bo over the right shoulder and finishes the opponent with Yoko Men Uchi (baseball bat grip) strike to the left side of the head or neck.

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