Organic Spa in the heart of Roncesvalles


This organic spa has been open for a dozen years, and was the brain child of Jen Mattar. Run from her Roncesvalles location, in Toronto, Canada, Jen delivers her ‘Sukha Spa’ vision and experience to us:

‘We can’t all live in the country, on an organic orchard, so ‘Sukha Spa’ brings it to the lovely west end of Toronto, just east of High Park.’

With their own organic line of ‘Sukha Scents’ and full line of Swiss ‘Eminence’ products, your stay will healthy as if just back from a country spa.

Yoga and self defense classes are offered Tuesday through Friday at the ‘Tree studio’, weather permitting as it is outdoors at the foot of an 80′ high or so, great tree.

Local events and services often leave free flyers, handbills and booklets detailing local social events for the park and neighborhood.

As a prominent local business owner, Jen hosts a yearly, not to miss, social, at the end of Summer, with nibbles and drinks from our catering Chef, with music and entertainment supplied by the Inner Radio record label.  So don’t miss it!

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