Bujinkan – Gyokko ryu technique – shoden level – Keo

This Gyokko School or ‘ryu’ technique or sequence is called ‘Keo’  -uke attacks with a two hand grab to tori’s lapels followed by a left punch attempt after, the initial grab on one side comes loose. Special thanks to Mikio Nakamura for being uke (training partner).  Tori moves from Shizen no kamae (natural position) to Hicho no kamae (Bird position), lifting both arms outside the grabbing arms, and clipping them upward just behind the elbows.  This is partially to loosen the strength of the grip in uke’s  hands and also, to distract from tori’s keri or kick to the groin area.  The right arm then strikes down with ‘Gedan uke’ and the ‘Kongo ken’ fist to the top of uke’s left forearm, thus releasing that arm’s grip on tori’s lapel.  Tori’s left hand should put an ‘Omote’ grip on and grip behind uke’s right knuckles to help control the grab.  Uke attempts to come back with an immediate left punch or grab.  Tori responds by a step backwards and to the left into ‘Hoko no kamae’ with a ‘Jodan uke’ block of the potentially desperate left cross or hay-maker coming in.  Tori’s right block then continues left with a Yoko ashi (cross step) to the left around Uke, and delivers a Shuto ken to the right Amado neck point, this is delivered while tori stretches uke’s right arm and uses it to ground uke’s weight down on their feet.  Tori’s right hand reaches and grips uke’s collar, then delivers a second kick; a right toe strike to the sternum.  Tori then tugs on uke’s left arm while pushing down on the collar grab to bring uke to the ground.  Please note that the body drop for uke is somewhat sudden, and can result in the head striking the ground with great potential force.  Tori must protect Uke’s head in this technique for safety.

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