Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games opening dress rehersal

Earlier in July 2015, I attended the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games opening dress rehearsal at the Pan Am  Dome (Skydome) with the lead architect for several downtown Pan Am venues, including the Dome, Lana Helm Williams.

Our tickets were descent, stage left, almost as good as the ones the people in charge of handing out tickets gave themselves.

A few speakers for an hour followed an hour spot from the Canadian performance group Cirque de Soleil and their recruited multi-national guest dance troupes.  This was followed by a dry run of athletes entering the stadium country by country, a few words from the Governor General of Canada, more Cirque de Soleil, and finally the torch lighting and fireworks from the C.N. Tower.

A good time was had by all who watched the show.

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