The Stop’s Night Market has, in previous years, namely: 2012, 2013, and 2014, been about a charity hosting some of the up and coming food and beverage makers with local designers in Ontario for mutual benefit. The event was hosted in the historical  “Honest Ed’s” building.  Good times were had by all, and the events had […]

Sensei’s Bio

10 June 2015 “I have trained with many great teachers and would like to thank them for their time and inspiration over the years; Soke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Inoue Kancho,  Chida Shihan,  Sonoda Shihan, Shiraichi Shihan, Chino Shihan, Ito Shihan,  Nagato Shihan, Court Elliott Shihan, Brin Morgan Shihan, Jack Hoban Shihan, Takashima Jokyo, Romeo Sensei, Graham […]

Fitness & Wellness

Break out of your shell this Summer!  Sukha Spa is excited to offer physical training at our new ‘Tree’ outdoor studio.  First session is free so come try it out! The silent art of stealth, Ninjutsu!  Bujinkan budo ninpo taijutsu is one of the last uninterrupted lines of traditional Ninjutsu in the world.  The training is suitable […]

Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert, made yearly in each neighborhood, made from native urchimai or “ordinary rice”. Uruchimai is sticky and white in nature. In these pictures we see rice being steam hydrated and rinsed in bamboo trays.  Next the paste is struck repeatedly by wooden mallet hundred or so times, and turned between […]

This Gyokko School or ‘ryu’ technique or sequence is called ‘Keo’  -uke attacks with a two hand grab to tori’s lapels followed by a left punch attempt after, the initial grab on one side comes loose. Special thanks to Mikio Nakamura for being uke (training partner).  Tori moves from Shizen no kamae (natural position) to Hicho no […]

Summer is here at Sukha Spa’s new ‘Tree outdoor studio’.  We are excited to offer physical training.  First session is free so come try us out!  Yoga Classes are available Wed-Fri: 9:10 am  start time, for a 40 minute class.  Complimentary Japanese Genmaisha (green tea) and fitness chat after the session. BYOM (mat) Please arrive around 9 […]